• Kensington, Philadelphie. Dans ce quartier gangréné par la drogue se croisent deux soeurs autrefois inséparables.
    Aujourd'hui, tout les oppose. Mickey, l'aînée, la protectrice, a rejoint la police. Kacey a sombré dans la drogue et se prostitue pour acheter des opioïdes.
    Quand Kacey disparaît à nouveau, alors qu'une série de meurtres fait rage dans le quartier, Mickey n'a plus qu'une obsession : retrouver le coupable, et sa soeur, avant qu'il ne soit trop tard.


    Liz Moore

    The New York Times bestseller and Guardian Book of the Month 'This flawless masterpiece deserves to be a bestseller.' DAILY EXPRESS 'Tough, tense and twisty - but tender, human and deeply affecting, too ... I don't have a sister, but when I finished the book I called my brother, just to hear his voice.' LEE CHILD 'An outstanding crime novel.' PAULA HAWKINS, author of The Girl on the Train _____________________________________ KENSINGTON AVE, PHILADELPHIA:


    Mickey Fitzpatrick has been patrolling the 24th District for years. She knows most of the working women by name. She knows what desperation looks like and what people will do when they need a fix. She's become used to finding overdose victims: their numbers are growing every year. But every time she sees someone sprawled out, slumped over, cold to the touch, she has to pray it's not her sister, Kacey.

    When the bodies of murdered sex workers start turning up on the Ave, the Chief of Police is keen to bury the news. They're not the kind of victims that generate a whole lot of press anyway. But Mickey is obsessed, dangerously so, with finding the perpetrator - before Kacey becomes the next victim.
    _____________________________________ 'A remarkable, profoundly moving novel about the ties that bind and the irrevocable wounds of childhood. It's also a riveting mystery, perfectly paced. I loved every page of it.' DENNIS LEHANE 'Outstanding . . . an intense family thriller . . . The clever plot and involving characters set a high standard for this new year.' DAILY MAIL 'This is a thrilling and heartbreaking exploration of the strain the opioid crisis puts on families. A masterpiece.' DAILY MIRROR

  • Anglais The Unseen World

    Liz Moore

    Can a daughter's love piece her father's life back together?Boston, USA 1980: Ada Sibelius is twelve years old and lives with her father David, a computer science professor who is one of the most highly regarded academics in his field. Ada is home-schooled: surrounded by her father's colleagues in the lab, her days are spent with brilliant minds, her childhood idiosyncratic yet idyllic. That is until David begins to forget things. At first he can't remember the punchlines to his favourite jokes but soon he is disappearing from home for days on end with no memory of how he spent his time. When he is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Ada's close bond with her father is shattered in an instant and she must navigate her teenage years without his guidance. When David leaves a floppy disk for his beloved daughter, Ada has no idea that the coding within it holds the key to his past life. It was a life that he refused to talk about. It's a life that Ada will spend years piecing back together, rebuilding the father she lost.